Family Secrets

Some family secrets cannot be hidden. Billionaire, Michail Alexandrovich, owner of the Rennin Corporation in Russia, is a high-profile oil tycoon. He is a kind and compassionate man that is deeply in love with his wife and children. Two days after a spectacular birthday celebration held in his honor at one of the most glamorous hotels in Russia, his private jet, with him onboard, goes missing after encountering an unexpected snow storm while flying over a remote area in the hills of Siberia. Due to the extensive snowfall, rescue parties are unable to find the crash site and Michail is presumed to be dead. With billions of dollars at stake, one of his children plots to take the inheritance money all for himself, even if it means killing his entire family. Several stories of courage and survival intertwine with this shocking tale of greed, deception, love, sex, and murder. In the end, you will find out what really defines a man when his life and those he loves is at stake, regardless if he’s rich or poor.