What Price Freedom

What price Freedom is a poignant, bittersweet novel/documentary, based on a true story of searing passion and haunting practicality as one woman is forced to abandon her beloved Leningrad to protect her half-Jewish son. She must come to grips with the pain and suffering that their departure to freedom brings the family they left behind. The author, Galina Evangelista, seeks an understanding of postmodern landscapes while chronicling the past fifty years of Russian history.

In a place and time where typewriters weren’t allowed and there was only one radio station that the government controlled, few had the courage to speak of it. Now, Galina Evangelista shares the truth of Cold War Russia and how fear lives in people’s minds.


A must read for every American! This book is a classic and it belongs to every University Library. I recommend it to every Curriculum of Political Science Study. The author chronicles an era in Russia. The true story of everyday people as they engage in the difficult business of making a living in the ever changing Russia. The readers learn about a family, of a mother, a father a brother a child of a daughter’s real reason to want to leave her native country’ . The author reveals what is really like to be an immigrant, to come to America and try to start a new life in a new country and the incredible culture shock. Galina Evangelista, is a lady of exceptional courage A Maestra of art, plus a superior and educated intellect. But most of all, she posses unlimited capacity to love for her family, the city of her childhood, and now, her new Country America. – Urbano Salvati (five star review)